I have lived in Ann Arbor for over three decades. I have seen many changes and I expect to see more. Change is inevitable, but we can manage change to support the things that make Ann Arbor the city we treasure.

We can have growth and green space; development and preservation. Most important, we need to ensure that
the basic service needs of the community are met.

To achieve these objectives we must take a
common sense approach to the city's financial condition and balance it with the needs
of a growing community.
Many areas of our city have experienced substantial growth. More residences have been built on the southern and western sides of Ann Arbor. Major residential development is planned for the Northeastern edge of the city. Along with growth, we must provide adequate infrastructure, safety services, and green space to maintain the character and quality of the neighborhoods we cherish. We can, and should, be more creative in the use of these spaces. By encouraging community participation we can do better.

As smaller buildings in the city are replaced with taller ones, we should demand buffer zones that create a gradual height transition to the surrounding residential areas. We can, and must, preserve the amenities and the tax values of our neighborhoods. The downtown must also have parks--common areas--that can be performance spaces, plazas or gardens. Outdoor public spaces where citizens can meet and enjoy themselves support an active, vibrant city.

We must remember that growth and development also increase the demand for services and that there is a cost for increased services. New businesses, and new residents, all expect police and fire protection.

We must take a common sense approach to balancing the demands on the city's financial resources with growth. We also must balance growth with respect for the character of our city. We want an aesthetically pleasing city that people will love. We want to attract new residents while at the same time supporting those who now contribute to and call Ann Arbor home.

Specifically I will: 

Stand for realistic, prudent budgeting that puts basic safety and infrastructure services first:
Back fully staffing our fire department to meet the national standards for fire response times.
Support giving our police sufficient staff to provide both proactive community policing and law enforcement.
Work for timely and regular repair of our local streets.
Respect neighborhoods. I support growth that respects our community standards as well as some of our special Ann Arbor quirkiness. Livability and economic development must be kept in balance.

Value our much-loved public places. I helped save Huron Hills Golf Course, to keep it an affordable public place, open to all. I will support our parks as a valued amenity for us and for future generations.

I believe in representative government. I want to know your concerns about Ann Arbor. I will make your concerns mine, and will go to bat for you at City Hall.

I ask for your vote on August 5 so that we can work together to serve the city we love.